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The Shift...

Today's Meet - sign on - this will be our discussion forum for the day
Video 1 - Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner
Video 2 - Educational Leadership: Will Richardson at TEDx Melbourne "What is the value of school when you don’t really need school to do school if we define school in the traditional sense?"

Digital Fluency
"Digital Fluency is the ability to use digital technologies readily and strategically to learn, work, and play" (Unpublished, Digital Fluency Working Group, SK Government, 2011)
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The Difference between Digital Fluency and Digital Literacy
Digital Fluency is...


The Flipped Classroom - (overview, video, articles - discussion and sharing)

What is the Flipped Classroom: Poll Everywhere (use your cell or laptop)
The Flipped Classroom requires students to listen to lectures at home and do homework at school.
The Flipped Classroom requires teachers to make their own videos.
The Flipped Classroom requires student have access to technology and the internet at home.
The Flipped Classroom requires a change in the role of the teacher.


Flipped Classroom Infographic
Extensive collection of resources on the Flipped Classroom from Cybrary Man

Shared Examples and Experiences:
  • Gary Ball (NBCHS) - hands-on use of Senteos (Eric Mazur philosophy - From Questions to Concepts2:22)
  • Shawn Whyte (Macklin) - moving towards a paperless classroom
    • Flipped Classroom
    • Pros and cons; what works
    • Using an online virtual environment - Schoology
    • Symbaloo
  • TJ Hoogsteen (CKES)
    • The Flipped Classroom in an elementary school
    • Using iPads to Flip
    • The changing role of the teacher in a flipped classroom
    • Apps used:

Reflection on learning:
Using Today's Meet post a sentence or two about what you now know and think about the Flipped Classroom. Respond to a comment of a colleague.




Levels of Technology Integration:

  1. How to support teachers in their use of technology to meet outcomes
  2. What to look for when observing teachers use technology

1:00 - Skype presentation by George Couros, Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning, Parkland School Division, Stony Plan, AB.
1:30 - Skype presentation by David Truss, Vice-principal, of Coquitlam Open Learning and Inquiry Hub at Coquitlam Schoolboard.


Digital Fluency Skills - Let's dig in....

Searching - an overview from Techy Teacher: Effective Search Practices
Using Word 2010 - hands-on activity


Final words and exit slip - email Jim and Donna two observations, pieces of new information or conclusions that you have come to after your work today.