I was able to make 2 presentations to my staff. I was given approximately 1 hour from our local P.D days to present.

1st presentation ~
· What my job is and what our job is.
· The new school website ~ how to use it, how to access, editing, etc.~
· Wikispaces ~ creating/designing

Successes ~

· Most of staff was excited to be able to learn more of what they could/should be doing.
· There was a lot of questions ~ showed interest
· Teachers were designing/creating a homework page

Not-so-good ~

  • The follow up was not there – no time, needed help, etc.
  • Those who were successful in creating did not update regularly

2nd Presentation ~
· Digital Citizenship – What, Why, Who, When, How
· Information Literacy – The shift (video/discussion)
· Inquiry Learning – Brief discussion
· More wikispaces/homework page

Successes ~

· Wikis were updated ~ excitement renewed – gave staff some parent feedback
· Yes we need to teach digital citizenship
· Teachers commented on some student excitement with wikis/hmwrk pages
· Teachers are willing to learn some new ideas

Suggestions ~

  • Time