One-to-One at Cut Knife Elementary School

September 26, 2011

Three Phases of Educational Technology
Reflection: Where am I currently at in my use of technology?


What are the expectations for this teacher learning year?
  • 10 hours of staff PD with the Learning Consultant
  • personal and professional use of the device
  • target one are area of learning
  • action research log
    • research question
    • action
    • reflection one (100 - 200 words)
    • reflection two
    • reflection three
    • final comments on learning
  • complete take-home tasks
  • as a staff decide the direction of your school with regards to one-to-one by the end of April 2012

Important to know:
  • At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year students will be issued mobile devices as directed by the teaching staff of each school.
  • At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year the lab, classroom and laptop computers will be re-distributed to other schools in the division. 4 – 5 specialized high-powered machines may be retained as well a small, negotiated number of laptops or desktops to meet specific principal-designated purposes. e.g. Smartboard computes
  • Teachers will keep their division or school assigned laptops.

The Netbooks
  1. Netbook Info
  2. Software List - take a look at the desktop

Take home task
Create something using an app that you have not used before. Eg. A short digital story in PhotoStory, an animation in Pivot, a series of graphs in the Logger Lite. Be prepared to share and discuss at our next meeting.

The iPad
  1. Creating an iTunes account without a credit card
  2. iPad Desktop // difference between an ipad, a netbook and a laptop
  3. iPad Scavenger Hunt
  • Find where you change your WiFi Network
  • Create a secure log-on to the iPad
  • Move apps to different screens and down on the dock
  • Create a new folder - rename the folder
  • Create a short cut to a web page and place it as an icon on one of your desktops
  • Change the restrictions on the ipad to disallow music with "explicit' lyrics and only allow movies and TV shows with certain ratings
  • Find the iPad User Guide Bookmark
  • Add a new bookmark to your Safari Browser

Take home task - Exploring Apps
  • Search for educational apps
    • app for voice recording and text-to-speech
    • 1 grade appropriate apps that allow you to write or draw with your finger
    • 2 apps that allow you to type a document
    • 1 app that allows you to create a spreadsheet
    • 1 app that allows you to upload/download and store documents online
    • 1 app that allows you to edit a photo
    • 1app that allows you to edit video
    • 1 app that could be used with the science probes available from the division office
    • 2 grade appropriate educational games
    • 2 grade appropriate apps
    • 1 free ebook
  • Share your results on the google spreadsheet

Donna's Apps links

  • Social networking - social media - Yammer
  • Sign up - follow people
  • Post a comment

April 17, 2012

1) Sharing – where are you at - what new things have you tried
2) A vision for CKES **Tech Planning Document

At the heart of the Living Sky School Division's one-to-one program are two core principles:
  1. Ubiquitous access to digital learning tools creates a 21st Century learning environment that engages and stimulates students
  2. Ubiquitous access to digital learning tools creates changes in teaching and learning that leads to increased student achievement and strengthens skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving

2) Reviewing app collections
  1. Drill and practice apps
  2. Assessment/creative and critical thinking apps - READ - Asking the right question - list what you want your students to create.
  3. Productivity Apps
  • The container – student notes/journal, etc – My Story (primary); Book Creator (Elementary)
  • Why my six-year olds have digital portfolios
  • What are some tasks for which your students will need apps? What are some basic types of apps that you believe should be available to all students? - Create a list - justify to your table mates your choices.

3) Classroom Management Strategies - read and discuss....
  1. Strategies for 1-to-1 classroom management.
  2. Lack of teacher control – read - discussion at
Create a list of five 'rules' for your one-to-one classroom.

4) Preparing your school for an iPad implementation - article.
  1. Should each student have their ‘own’ device – why? E.g. Email, passwords and personalization

    Case and storage solutions
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