December 13,

School Library Selection Committee

Tentative Agenda:

  1. The Kobo Vox
    1. Sharing. learning, playing with your Kobo Vox
      1. [[Adding Public Library Content to Your Kobo E-Book Reader (these instructions are for the Kobo Touch ONLY)]]
      2. Tips from Adobe forums for adding public library content to your Kobo Vox
      3. Overdrive
      4. Essential Kobo Apps - direct link to Overdrive
      5. IMPORTANT - be sure to turn on Automatic Date and Time
      6. Are the days of the dedicated e-reader numbered?
      7. When you have your public library account for your school make sure they put a person in so the last name will be used for your overdrive account.
  2. Selection of Resources
    1. First Nation Resources -
      1. Oyate
      2. Review the Ministry's Learning Resources Evaluation Guidelines
      3. At your table use the Ministry guidelines to review a FNMI resource
      4. Discussion: -Share your evaluation with the large group. Question: Did the form help with the evaluation process?
      5. Hand in your form to Donna
      6. Visit the Treaty 6 Education Web Site
    2. GLBT
      1. Activity: Read, Stop, Talk - GLBTQ Collections are for Every Library Serving Teens!
        1. Something New? An Aha moment? A question?
        2. I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell do I Read?
        3. Queer YA: Fiction for LGBTQ Teens
        4. One Page Flyer (all ages)
        5. The Ultimate Gay Reading List
        6. GLBT Reviews (ALA Round Table)
        7. Rainbow Books (ALA 2012 Nominations)
        8. Lambda Literary Reviews
      2. Table Discussion: 1) Share your school's selection and purchasing procedure/policy with regards to GBLT literature/resources 2) Share your school's promotion procedures with regards to GBLT literature.
  3. The Evolving Role of the Library and the Library Tech
    1. Discussion Questions
      1. : What are five things that you do or that happen in the library that did not happen 5-10 years ago. What are five things that are not done any more or that have reduced time required to do them?
      2. What do you anticipate changing within the next 2 - 5 years?
      3. What major changes are on the horizon for the library and the role of the library tech?
      4. What can you do now to facilitate the changes?

  1. The School Library Web Site
    1. Examples
      1. TIS Web Wonderland
      2. ABC Learning Resource Centre
      3. UES Library
      4. S.C. Lee Junior High School
      5. Scarsdale Middle School Library
      6. Westbrook Middle School
      7. The Unquiet Library
      8. KSS Library
      9. Springfield Library
    2. Task - at your table look at 2 - 3 of the sites and generate a list of what you see on the sites. Large group brainstorming list.
    3. Web Site Options -
      1. Drupal - St. Vital Library
      2. Wiki - Luseland Library
      3. Netvibes - SHS Library

Web Sites and Databases
High School

Middle Years