Using Technology to Document Student Learning in Early Childhood Education


1) Introductions and purpose of the presentation
2) Context:

Four Domains of Child Development

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 6.49.36 PM.png

Documentation provides value by

  • Provides multiple ways for students to represent and describe their learning

  • Allows for ‘documentation’ from student representations/communications

  • Allows students to choose from a range of possibilities to communicate new ideas

  • Allows students to revisit and share experiences

  • Engages other educators and parents in conversations about student learning

  • Encourages new questions generated by the documentation

Creating Early Learning Environments

Blog posts from Kathy Cassidy on documentation:
Can Six-Year Olds Really Demonstrate Their Learning?
Why My Six-Year Olds Have Digital Portfolios
Primary Digital Portfolios Video (10:34)
Primary Digital Portfolios Wiki


  1. Print Options - using Word - Private, One-on-one, Books to be shared

    1. Designing in Word (PDF)
    2. Applying Style Sets in Word (video: 55 sec)
    3. Examples - Creating Early Learning Environments
    4. Demonstrate and time to experiment
  2. Online Options - Open, visible, public, networked, conversations

    1. Containers – blog, wiki, web site
      1. Mrs. Yeaman's Classroom Blog(Blogspot)
      2. Mairtown Kindergarten (Blogspot)
      3. Grasslands Kindergarten (Blogspot)
      4. Connaught Pre-Kindergarten (Classblogmeister)
      5. Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog (Edublogs - grade one/two)
      6. Kinderkids Blog (Classblogmeister)
      7. I Teach with iPads (Kindergarten)
    2. Exploration Time
      1. Note the ways in which the blogs provide value - based on the context above -
      2. View the navigational items - what is included in the 'best' documentation sites?
      3. Note the different tools that are used to capture pictures, audio and video
        1. Smilebox
        2. PhotoPeach
        3. AudioBoo
        4. Vocaroo
        5. YouTube - create your own channel (Example: Kathy Cassidy's YouTube Channel)
    3. Weebly as a container - demonstrate