Information Literacy

May 20 Agenda - Morning

Introduce Curricula Framework
Curriculum -- Mission Statement -- 21st Century learning

ELA Curriculum
Goal: students will extend their abilities to engage in inquiry and inquiry-based learning
Outcome: Use inquiry to address authentic (real life) problems, questions, and issues associated with identity, social responsibility, and efficacy

Quickwrite: all the words you can think of that are related to inquiry -30 seconds
  • Share with a neighbour and choose the 3 most significant
  • Gather those together and create a group list
  • Do a Frayer model chart
Why identity, social responsibility, and efficacy? What do they mean to you…in relation to curricular framework?

Information Problem solving skills/Inquiry
  • What does this have to do with you?
  • Share Power of the Quest Model to use as a starting point for discussion about the inquiry process
  • Within the pursuit, highlight the Big 6 skills
  • Go back to the curriculum, and look at indicators. Assumptions are inherent in each of the indicators
    • Use e-mail, threaded discussion, and file sharing to exchange ideas and findings
    • What else would you add to that list? Wiki, blog, etc.
    • Let’s not stop at listing the tools. Look carefully to see what skills students need in order to use the tool meaningfully (Comp. strategies to respond to comments, registers of language, confidentiality, etc.)
  • Look through the grade 9 indicators and see where they fit into the Big 6, and list the specific skills they need in place to achieve the indicator

  • Correlation of curriculum to information problem solving
  • Would a listing of skills support the curriculum, teachers, and students?

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