Innovative Classrooms

January 14, 2015


Welcome, Introductions, Greetings

Big Questions
  1. How has being a one-to-one classroom changed your instructional practice?
  2. How has being a one-to-one classroom changed how your students learn?
  3. What are your favourite tools for teaching and learning?
    1. planning and delivery of content
    2. organization: of content and assignments
    3. assessing student knowledge and understanding

Discussions - Like Minded Groups

Digital Fluency Rubric
Introduce the rubric (background, use, evergreen, skill sets, needs assessment, technology planning, the use of the word 'explicit')
Discussion - appropriate uses of technology? Should anything be added or deleted - particularly level 2? What about level 3?
Take a moment and see as the rubric stands now - where your classroom would be. (does not need to be shared)

Skills Sets - Review the Word Processing Skill Set (word processing group)
Rubric - discussion for those who have previously reviewed the Word Processing Skill set - discussion and respond to the following questions. Have a recorder note the highlights of the discussion to share with the larger group.
  1. additions or deletions to the components of the rubric for both level 2 and level 3
  2. starting point for your grade for each component
  3. should there be a skill set for all the creative components; Powerpoint, Photostory and Windows Movie Maker?

Sharing - best lesson, student work, etc


SAMR Model of Technology Integration

Be it Resolved That the SAMR model is an ideal tool to guide the implementation and assessment of classroom integration of technology
Form into two teams - one pro, one con
Review debate format ( handout)
Research the SAMR model using the links provided. (15 minutes)
SAMR Links
Choose two of your teammates to debate for your group
Judges - Jim Shevchuk and Doug Drover


Your big questions:

  1. Jot down three big questions or things you want to learn today
  2. Select the most burning question and add it to the Innovative Classroom Padlet wall. Put your name at the top of the padlet sticky.
  3. Review the questions posted by your colleagues. Use the edit tool to make a comment at the bottom of their post if you can answer their question or if you are interested in a conversation with them about their question. Make sure you add your name at the end of your response.
  4. We will have discussion time around these questions later in the morning.

Check the Padlet and find one - three others with which to have a conversation. Choose one person to record the highlights from the conversation and be ready to make a note on the padlet and to share with the larger group. (15 - 20 minutes)
Perception Check - If conversation is complete regroup - find another individual or small group to have another conversation.
Large group - note highlights of the conversations