Inquiry about Inquiry Workshop

Feb 26, 2013


Under our Feet - students from Hugh Cairns School

Resources to explore

Inquiry - General

Primary teachers talk about inquiry - a storified twitter chat from Feb 17
Inquiry Models
What is Inquiry-based Learning? (from Scholastic)
Inquiry Learning: From Knowledge to Understanding [video 6:03]
Chapter 4: What we know about Inquiry (Harvey & Daniels)
Inquiry rubric
Designing inquiry learning - [starts on page 3]
Have you designed a great project?
Inquiry Learning: from knowledge to understanding (6:03)
The future of research
What inquiry is NOT. (high school science)
Introduction to Inquiry Based Learning [Calgary Science School]
Inquiry Principals:
#1 Authenticity
#2 Understanding
#3 Performances
#4 Assessment
#5 Technology`
#6 Experts and Expertise
#7 Success
#8 Citizenship


High School Biology - Lettuce Sprouting Inquiry
Math: Small Steps - a teacher new to middle year's math reflects on knowing one's subject matter, inquiry, and classroom management
The Power of Student Voice - passion, inquiry, and persuasive writing
Students into scientists (grade 4 - decomposition lab) video [9:26]
How does drill aLocatnd practice fit with inquiry? (High School Chemistry)
Real-Life Angry Birds: A 3rd Grade Action Research Project | Authentic Learning
Creating Graphic Novels (grade 8)

Inquiry, Research and Information Processing Models

Links to a number of different models
Comparison of 4 different models
How to do research infographic
Harvey & Daniels Small Group Inquiry Model (see pages 61 and 62)
Inquiry Models (including BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario)
Saskatchewan Inquiry Model
Saskatchewan Curriculum Inquiry Model

Living Sky School Division - Inquiry

Activating Knowledge
Six Scaffolding Strategies to Use with Your Students - activating prior knowledge

Questioning (Wondering)
Our Wonder Wall
10 ways to help students ask better questions
Googleable or not Googleable
PBL in Inquiry - Who Asks the Questions by Kathy Cassidy

Finding (searching)
Search Engines
KidRex - a kid's search engine
Wolfram Alpha - high school math and science search engine

Your library catalog

Key Words
Picking the right search terms

Smart Searching
Infographic: How to get more out of Google
Teach your kids the secrets of smart searching
Google personalized results could be bad for search
Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Search Lesson
6th – 8th Grade Search Lesson - advanced search
9th – 12th Grade Search Lesson
Google Search Tips Poster
Google Custom Search - a great way to create a structured search for your students
Searching and Evaluating [Video - 11:28]

School, Division and Ministry Databases - see your school library page for access to magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and reference book articles: e.g. see Kerrobert Library

Social Media
Using Twitter to locate the latest information on your research topic

Social Bookmarking - collecting, storing, organizing and sharing online sources
Social Bookmarking in Plain English [video 3:14]

Using Information
Evaluating information
3rd – 5th Grade Search Lesson
Evaluating blogs
Crap Detection (CBC audio 7:22)
Information Literacy Resources from Alan November (Evaluation)
Rating Websites (3-5) Lesson Plan from Commonsense Media
The Importance of Investigating the Author [video 3:07] contrast this with....David Warlick's Goal's based evaluation below...
Evaluating Internet-Based Information by David Warlick
Deconstructing Web Pages - Teaching Backgrounder

The process of recording, sorting, organizing, interpreting, synthesizing
Cornell Notes
Evernote (App and online tool)
The Ultimate Simplified Guide to The Use of Evernote in Education
Why we need a moratorium on meaningless notetaking new.jpg

To Outline or Not to Outline, That is the Question
Graphic Organizers

Strategies for Synthesis Writing
Key Concept: Synthesis

Citing Sources
Citing Sources: A Quick and Graphic Guide (some good tips for online publishing)
BibMe - online bibliography/reference page generator (should be on all school library pages)
Copyright Matters - some key questions and answers for teachers
Research Tools - How to Cite a Source


Tools for Today
Audio Boo
Kaywa - QR Code Generator


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