Library Selection Committee Meeting

October 13, 2015


Welcome and Introductions

Greetings from Jim

Updates and Sharing
  1. 2015 - 2016 Library Budget
    1. Amounts the same as last year (I will email them to both you and your administrators)
    2. Budget numbers to use...(PPTX Slide)
    3. What to order on which budget?
  2. Levelled Libraries - Memo from JoAnne Kasper - revised and updated Kate Carlisle, Learning Consultant

OverDrive Webinar (10:00)

Overdrive Follow-up to Webinar
  • Questions
  • Planning for implementation in LSKY
  • Exploring the purchasing options
  • Purchasing
    • All?
    • Small groups?
    • Grade level groups?

Digital Badges - Rachel Florence

Treaty Education Kits - Sherron Burns