Library Meeting
May 30

Greetings and Discussion - Jim Shevchuk

Conference Sharing
  • SSLA ConferenceThe Book Whisperer (Jen, Joanne, Linda, Christine, Shelly, Angie, Rachel)
  • ConnectEd – Makerspaces (Mary Lynn, Jocelynne, Candice, Lindsay M.)

  • Library Upgrade Budget - purchasing deadline
  • L4U Support
  • OverDrive Support
  • Database Update
    • ExpertSpace discontinued – remove from website (end of June)
    • School library websites
    • Database Reports (Statistics)

Overdrive updates

Discussion: Current Initiatives and Continued Support Required:

MakerSpaces and Books: It's Not Either Or, It's Both
Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 8.50.14 PM.png

"I have also worked really hard to make sure and emphasize books in our Teen MakerSpace. Every station that we have, every activity that we do, must have a couple of books in the Teen MakerSpace Collection that supports it. We try to remember to pull these books out and put them on display right there near the station or activity. We use them. We encourage our teens to use them. Our Teen MakerSpace Collection goes hand in hand with everything we do in our Teen MakerSpace."

Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report: Reading in Canadian Schools


I Love My Library Campaign
  • Table Sharing
  • Responses – discussion
  • Hang posters in division office

Book Promotion
Face Swap -
Book Covers and People

Closure - Good-byes