School Library Committee Meeting

November 8


Greetings, introductions, announcements and Thank Yous
  • Library Upgrade Budgets – Year 3
    • Amounts same as last year - formal memo coming soon!
    • Budget numbers (Powerpoint slide)
  • OverDrive
    • Purchasing process
    • Review Student Requests - make one or two cart
    • UCHS – student request google form
  • Library Websites
  • Library Visits
    • find a date on the calendar
  • SeeSaw
    • make a comment on something that someone has posted
    • make a note about something new that you are doing in your library (could be one per school or one comment per team member)


Mentor Texts - Kate Carlisle

EAL Resources - Leanne Merkowsky


Role of the library committee and direction of school libraries in LSKSD


2:45 - Comments about MakerSpaces and possible directions