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Word Processing Workshop

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iPads and Apps for learning

Using the iPad
iPad Basics for Teachers - a short slideshow
The Student Guide to iPads and iOS 6 (download from iBooks)
The Best iPad Tips and Tricks
Selecting Apps
Best Apps for teaching and learning 2013
Apps in Education
Time to explore Apps on the division iPads

Recent links via Twitter
5 Free iPad Apps students can use for taking notes

Finding and Evaluating Information

The Free Web
Read the following article decide which of the 5 hypotheses resonates with you the most. Discuss at your table.
What's so hard about research?

What do many student's lack that would enable effective searching and evaluating of information?

Strategies for teaching kids how to find and evaluate information.
Why K-12 Schools are failing by not teaching search (includes lessons for K-12)
Effective Search Practices (Saskatoon Public School Board - adapted from November Learning)

Databases available from the Ministry and School Division
Britannica High School
Britannica Middle School
Canadian Points of View
Canadian Newstand

Living Sky School Division Resources
Discovery Education
Global Issues in Context
Expert Space