Agenda (9:00 – 11:30)

  • Overview of the day
  • Professional learning funds survey

1. Sharing: new tools, strategies, classroom activities

Dec 3 - 1 Dec 3 - 2 Dec 3 - 3 Dec 3 - 4 Dec 3 - 5 Dec 3 - 6

2. The Networked Student: Discussion
On your group wiki pages: reflect and comment on the following questions after watching the video:
  1. The need to manage information is one 'information literacy' skill that will be more demanding of the networked student. Can you think of others?
  2. How could the ability of the networked student to control and construction their own learning environment affect the structure of schooling as it is today?
  3. Several key roles for teachers are mentioned in the video - what skills and education would teachers need to take on these roles?

Focus for the day: The Digital Citizenship Curriculum
1. Add to the Google chart – what your school done so far
2. Digital Citizenship Compass for the 21st Century Activity: Adapted from Mike Ribble
3. Identify elements/categories of Digital Citizenship
  • Consensus Building Activity
    • After completing the reading:
    • Individually jot down the categories that you believe are relevant
    • Find a partner – meld your list
    • Find another partner pair – meld your lists
    • Each group of four list their categories on the chart paper
    • Place coloured dots on your four top categories
  • Reading: "Digital Citizenship: Focus Questions for Implementation" from Mike Ribble
In your small groups narrow and focus to 4 - 5 categories
Large group - come to a consensus on the categories to be used

Agenda (12:15 – 3:00)

4. Identify knowledge and skills within each category listing them on the Google spreadsheet

Be Web Aware: includes safety tips by age
Student Resources from the Boston Public Schools Cyber Safety Campaign (excellent tips for students)
Cybersmart Curriculum: Lessons by Grade Level
Disney Surfswell Island A site for younger students to practice Internet Safety Skills through a game
Renegade Press.Com This site has information on Cyber-Bullying. Season1: Episode 13 deals with Cyber Bullying where an embarrassing video is posted on-line (similar to the Star Wars Boy), there is also an episode on Cyber-Bullying by cell phone, and videoing and posting fight online. This show is made in Regina and the web site has various articles and letters from diiferent characters points of view.
Degrassi Junior High: The Next Generation The first two episodes of the series deal with online predators and giving out personal information online, and meeting strangers you've only met online. Here's a link to buy the DVD number 10.

5. Develop a strategy for teaching digital citizenship (parent, community and students)
  • Reading: "Four-Stage Technology Learning Framework" from Mike Ribble
    • Awareness
    • Understanding
    • Action
    • Deliberation
  • school-wide activities
  • classroom-based activities
  • staff workshops
  • SCC workshops
  • parent meetings
6. Reflection – blog writing
7. Closure