Fall Meeting Agenda

  1. Sharing - share one cool idea that you have used to promote reading and/or your library - share with the larger group
  2. Report on the state of school libraries - a brief overview
  3. A chat with Jim and Jason
  4. School Library Web sites
  5. Scholastic Trials
    1. BookFlix
    2. ExpertSpace
  6. Fountas and Pinnell - Rachel Leveling Another Site These sites have just a sample of books that have been leveled according to F&P.
  7. I Just ordered this book, not sure how good it is yet:)

BOOK: Leveled Books, K-8: Matching Texts To Readers For…

By Irene C. Fountas

  1. Content Curation and Symbaloo
  2. Book Pomotion
    1. Biblionauseum
    2. Create a book PSA using AudioBoo or Fotobabble

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