iSITS Agenda November 9, 2009

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Donna's News
  1. Conference and Convention Information
    1. Hat Pull
    2. May 3 and 4 - IT Summit - Ignite sessions
    3. May 3 - STF Living Sky Professional Development Day
    4. K-12 Online Reminder
    5. Discovery School Webinar - December 14 at 3:45?
  2. My Favourite Sites
    2. - what about the iPod Touch?
      1. Diigo Group - iSITS
  3. Living Sky School Division School Library Selection Committee
  4. Digital Citizenship Continuum links, links, links!

Teacher Technology Skills

Are the two documents below compatible?

List of Essential Teacher Skills
(compiled from discussion during the October meeting)
  1. E-mail
  2. Online attendance and grading programs
  3. Word Processing
    1. Create, format, edit, save
    2. Online collaboration
  4. Internet
    1. Find information (free search engines and magazine search engines)
    2. Evaluate information (Donna)
    3. Publish, share
  5. Blogging, wiki, web post, web page (Drupal)
  6. Digital photography, video, sound (Flickr, Youtube, Podbean)
  7. School online calendar
  8. Ethics and technology
    1. On task when using computers (attention literacy)
  9. Productivity tools other than word processing
    1. Presentation tools, including online
    2. Spreadsheets, including online
    3. Databases, including online
  10. Peripherals
    1. Attach and use software to download pictures from camera, video from video camera and flip
    2. Scanner
    3. Attach and use a projector with a computer and a DVD player
  11. Smartboards
    1. New technologies
    2. Blackberry or cell phone – text & email
    3. Games in the classroom
    4. Social Networking sites (Nings, Facebooks, etc)
  12. PLNS – create and maintain

School-based Technology Directions
(compiled from discussion during the October meeting)

  1. Smartboards
    1. Certification
    2. New math curriculum
    3. Professional development
    4. Use of projectors as a movement towards the Smartboard
  2. Laptops
    1. Staff and students
    2. Portable Netbook lab
    3. Recognition of the increased space and portability they provide
    4. Easier to teach in your own room
  3. Library pages to provide information
  4. Classroom support systems
    1. Sound Field Systems
    2. Document Cameras
  5. School-student-parent-community Communications
    1. Large Screen TV at front entrance
    2. Calendar for communication of school events
    3. Increased use of school-based web pages (Drupal)
    4. Wikis as homework pages
  6. Push towards the creative
    1. Increased student blogging
    2. Increased multimedia production
    3. Games in the classroom – Nintendo DS in the primary classroom
  7. Open vs closed
    1. Use of cell phones, etc…
    2. School-based management of content filter
  8. Questions
    1. Do we have sufficient infrastructure?
    2. How can technology be more student centered vs teacher centered?

Teacher Skills Survey
-usability test
-take the survey - noting any inconstancies or items that should be deleted or items that need to be added. E-mail me your suggestions.

Essential Social Media Tools for Education

1. jot down your 10 top tools for education
2. share them with your partner - come to a consensus
3. share them with your table - come to a consesnus
4. share with the large group ----

Afternoon - Guest Presenter/workshop Leader - Joanne Kasper

Student Technology Skills

The following is from the 2009 - 2010 Technology Plan
2.0 By June of 2012, we will incorporate technology to improve the learning outcomes of students, targeting ELA (writing), math and physical education (f
itness and health) based on the division's operational plan
MRP: Donna DesRoches, ISITS, teachers
1. ISITS teachers will share the current chart with their staffs and will demonstrate a lesson plan from it
2. The current "chart" will be converted to an outcomes-based document
3. Technological tools will be approved and published on the repository
4. Classroom teachers will use and expand the repository on an ongoing basis

  1. November, 2009 - Revise the current chart
  2. Expand current chart by adding new content
  3. Convert objective-based lessons on current repository developed by ISITS to outcomes-based lessons
  4. The original chart will be reorganized into a lesson repository, subdivided into subject and/or grade sections
  5. Post current repository on a website
  6. ISITS person will share the repository with their staffs, using a sample lesson
  7. Lesson repository will be expanded on an ongoing basis.
  8. There will be opportunity for teachers to post reflections.
  9. Differentiated instruction and RTI will be incorporated and reinforced explicitly into repository lessons
  10. ISITS members will identify a set of productivity and social media tools
  11. Technology advisory committee will review these tools
  12. Selected tools will appear on repository website

Begin: Nov 2009

The following word documents will be handed out

Curriculum Documents