School Library Selection Committee

October 12, 2011


  1. Welcome, housekeeping, icebreaker, introductions (9:00)
    1. Purpose of Committee (9:30)
      1. Resources, Resources, Resources
        1. Global Issues in Context
        2. Discovery Education
          1. October Newsletter
    2. Division Procedures
    1. SelectionTools used by the Committee (9:45)
      1. Personal start pages - iGoogle
        1. Blogs to follow
          1. School library Journal pages
            1. Adult Books for Teens
            2. Good Comics for Kids
            3. A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cozy
            4. Touch and Go (Apps)
            5. Heavy Metal: A Mock Newbery Blog
            6. Diversity in YA Fiction
          2. Pretty books
          3. Reading Vacation
      2. Diigo
        1. Lsky Libraries Diigo Group
        2. Netvibes - update
      3. Yammer
Learning Task (10:00)
New people - join Donna for help joining our selection tool sites
Others - in your school team review the recent sources on Diigo and on Yammer - add to your own Diigo account, make notes (e.g. possible purchase, add to school web page, share link with ___)

BREAK (10:30)

THE DAILY 5 - what it means for you and your School Library - JoAnne Kasper - presentation and activity

LUNCH (12:15)


The Virtual School Library - What should be on them? - Discussion for October 25 (12:15)
E-books - where are we going? - Discussion for October 25

New Curricula - Making Connections (12:30)
Teacher-librarian or teacher-volunteer and library tech Teams
Learning Task
Choose two - three new curricula Additional Resources Documents (middle years/high school - ELA - see the web)
Review the documents with the following key questions in mind:
  1. Should these resources enhance or replace the collection in your school library?
  2. Do you see resources that could be used across the curriculum? Note them on the spreadsheet below
    1. Making Connections
  3. Move into small groups -
    1. share your thoughts about the additional resources documents
    2. discuss how you might involve teachers in selecting resources from these documents.

BREAK (1:45)

Roles and Responsibilities: Your Manifesto (2:00)

Divide into three groups

Create a 4 - 5 statement manifesto
  1. library techs - review job description
  2. teacher-volunteers - UNESCO School Library Manifesto
  3. teacher-librarians - "You know you are a 21st Century teacher-librarian if...."

E-mail you manifesto to me
Return to the large group at 2:45 to share your group's manifesto.

2:55 Debrief and farewells