Happy Saskatchewan Library Week: October 18–25

For more information see the Saskatchewan Library Site

School Library Selection Committee Meeting


9:00 – Introductions
  • Introduce yourself, your role and your current favourite book (show and tell)
  • Review expectations and roles

9:30 – Social Media and Resource Selection (review, join and explore)

10:30 – Online Magazines, Newspapers and Encyclopedia Articles - List (Access from NBCHS Library)

Discovery Streaming Video
CKES DVD Burning Station

11:30 – Lunch

12:15 - School Library Web Sites

1:15 – Print Resources
o Kindle
o iPad
  • Audio and e-books from your library region. (Lakeland)

2:15 – School Library Manifesto
  • Manifestos - go to page 20 to read the manifestos
  • What do we believe about our school libraries?
  • Wordling with Wordle

Important Division Procedures that relate to School Libraries and Resources

Provincial Documents
Connections: Policy and Guidelines for School Libraries in Saskatchewan