9:00 – welcome and introductions
Warm-up activity
Review of committee mandate and expectations
  1. Cool ideas - what you have done since we last met
  2. School-based directions – let’s chart it?! Recent school-based decisions….professional development – laptops, smartboards, etc… anything new?
  3. Conference Sharing (Gary , Mark, Amy, Mavis, Morag, Allison: What I learned at NECC and beyond)
  4. Conference possibilities – ISTE 2010: Denver, June 27-30, Building Learning Communities: Boston, July 12-16.
  5. K-12 Online Conference
  6. Donna's news
    1. How to attribute a Creative Commons photo from Flickr
    2. Reminders about...
      1. Learning Resources
      2. Follow me on diigo or
      3. Follow me on delicious
      4. Follow me on Yammer
      5. Elluminate
        1. Kathy Cassidy - Oct 22 - Nintendo in the Primary Classroom
        2. Konrad Glogowski - Assessment for the 21st Century
    3. Passport to the Internet - review
    4. Digital Citizenship Continuum
      1. Task: add links
    5. Division Technology Planning -
      1. teacher skills
      2. student exemplars
        1. SK E-Learning

Teacher Skills
1.1 Develop criteria to define technology competencies for teachers so that teachers can self-asses their own technology competencies.
1. identify the technological competencies that staff need to support student learning and curricular outcomes –MPR - iSITS – Oct 2009
2. create survey MPR – Donna – January – test with iSITS - refine
3. deliver survey – collect data
4. share data with iSITS, schools and tech advisory committee – end of May
5. repeat process annually – assess & celebrate success and support new people in the division.
Next Steps
Identify the technological competencies that staff need to support student learning and curricular outcomes –MPR - iSITS – Oct 2009

  1. Where do you think our teachers are at? Brainstorm Complete chart.
  2. Tools – what tools are essential? Brainstorming the top 10 tools – they don’t have to be web-based although they can be.
  3. Review Professional Productivity Rubric and Rubrics for Restructuring – considering the information from the first two tasks what changes need to be made?

Are we ready? For POD's

Addendum (from Rob) - Calgary school libraries will be adding iPods to their collections .

Are netbooks right for education?
Do netbooks shortchange students or make technology more accessible? Two ed-tech executives offer differing opinions
Digital Citizenship

Discuss - share via a wiki link or google docs.

NEXT meeting - November 24