School Library Meeting
June 14


Lending Models:
One Copy/One User (OC/OU)
One Copy/One User (OC/OU) titles can be checked out by one person at a time, and they never expire from your library collection.
Metered Access (MA)
Metered Access (MA) titles can be checked out by one person at a time, and they expire from your library collection after a determined period. Some Metered Access titles are metered by time (e.g., they expire after 12 months), some are metered by checkouts or “licenses” (e.g., they expire after 26 checkouts), and some are metered by both (e.g., they expire after the earlier of two years or 52 checkouts). You will receive an email alert when the last copy of a Metered Access title is about to expire, so you can repurchase it if you’d like.

Library websites – changes – Sharepoint

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Selecting library resources

MakerSpace Challenge (due for late

Makerspace Resource - Includes tangible ideas, theory, links, ideas, categories. Go where you need to go to find out what you need to find out.


Mitchell - Canva, Aurasma, SoundCloud



Discards - keep a list print a report into a spreadsheet - keep a record print or electronic. Important to show the progress when despite new funds

Library Reports

Due June 24th.