Learning how to learn to use technology

Quick think...
Reflect on the last time you learned how to do something. Share your learning strategies with your table partners.

Cool Tools Exploration

Many Eyes
Live Binders
Poll Everywhere
Wolfram Alpha
Today's Meet

Groups of 2 - 3
Explore site: login in, create account, use, explore
  1. What learning strategies did you use?
  2. How you might use this online tool with your students?
  3. How does this tool allow for online collaboration?
  4. What current tools or way of learning does this type of site/tool render obsolete?

Must Have Tools for Every Educator: A Brief Overview

Edmodo - an online learning environment
Evernote - remember everything (data collection and notetaking)
Delicious/Diigo - social bookmarking
Wordpress/Blogger/Kidblog/Edublog - blogging platforms
DropBox - online storage
WikiSpaces/PB Works - wikis for collaborative learning
NetVibes - personal front page - building your personal portal into the world of information - leads to building your own PLN - curating your own content (Symbaloo)
Remind 101 - secure education texting

PLNs - Personal Learning Networks

Twitter - Show online and TweetDeck
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Saskatchewan School Organizations and Educators on Twitter

Signup, explore, and discover - see how many of the following items you can check off the list today
Are you Ready for Twitter Checklist

Other Personal Learning Network Tools:
  1. Netvibes or other aggregator - train information to come to you.
  2. Pinterest
  3. Facebook
  4. Yammer


Things that Suck – Activity based on a presentation by Dean Shareski

  1. Take a side or stay in the middle
  2. State your case
  3. Be kind and respectful
Online Stop Watch - 5 minute discussion per topic


Cyberbullying and Social Network Concerns

Google - search tips and techniques (1980 Iran Hostage Situation)
Global Issues in Context
Canadian Points of View
Canadian Newstand
Discovery Education

iPad Apps
  • Brief Overview of the iPad
  • Exploration of Apps

Exit Slip- read/watch the following and email donna.desroches@lskysd.ca with a reflection based on these readings and on your experiences today.
BBC News - US teen invents advanced cancer test using Google
Graduating with Technology: an Infographic
Are kids really motived by technology?