UPS Workshop
November 21, 2016

21st Century Learning

15 Characteristics of a 21st Century Teacher

Twitter in the Classroom

  • Professional learning
  • Connection with other teachers
  • Student learning
  • Connection with other classrooms – extending the classroom walls

  • Join Twitter
  • Set up Tweetdeck (not completely necessary but a great way to organize streams of tweets) Demo - for those that are interested
  • Follow people:
LSKY Teachers
LSKY Classrooms
Division Office


  • @jimshevchuk
  • @donnadesroches
  • @sherronburns
  • @angelayeaman
  • @angelaokanee
  • @katecarlisle
  • @tonyalehman
  • @cathyherrick
  • #upsplc
  • #lskysd
  • #lskytreatyed
  • #saskedchat
  • #kinderchat
  • #1stchat
  • #2ndchat
  • #3rdchat
  • #4thchat
  • #5thchat
  • #6thchat
  • #elemchat


  1. Watch the short video from SeeSaw on how to create and post to a SeeSaw Blog -
  2. Set up the blogs and make a post
  3. Quality Commenting -
  4. Learning How to Comment
  5. How do I connect to another SeeSaw Blog?

Digital Citizenship: Protect Element – Demo Digital Safety Kit (new and improved)
  1. Review – Digital Rights and Responsibilities – “Co-Create a Responsible Use Policy for use in the Classroom:
  2. IntroduceDigital Health and Wellness – possible lessons
    1. MediaSmarts: Finding Balance in our Digital Lives (K-3) -
    2. MediaSMarts: Game Time (4-6)
  3. Introduce - Digital Safety and Security

Blended or Personalized Learning

Blended Learning and Technology Integration

Student choice and control:
The teacher as instructional designer:
  • Using SeeSaw as a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • A gentle slow start to personalized learning (blended learning)
  • Station Rotation
    • What Blended Learning Looks Like in the Classroom
  • Flipped Classroom
    • View example in SeeSaw