in-School Instructional Technology Support Committee 1008 - 2009


The iSTIS (in-School Instructional Technology Support) Committee was extremely active during the school year. These are the highlights - further information can be found on the Learning and Technology Wiki
October Meeting -
-review of the school division's Computer Technology Acceptable Use Procedure
-in-depth look at Alan November's use of REAL as a way of authenticating online information
-hands-on use of the new digital thermometer kits (2 x 15 set kits are available for circulation to schools)
-'unconference' - members formed themselves into groups based on what they wanted to learn spent some time sharing, discussing and learning.

December Meeting - Digital Citizenship
-the day was spent on reading and learning about the concept of digital citizenship following by using a Google spreadsheet to jointly create a Digital Citizenship Continuum for the school division.

March Meeting - Information Literacy
-personal learning networks
-understanding and using search engines
-creating and analyzing a set of exemplars (technology and curriculum)

May Meeting - Professional Development
-used Diigo, a social bookmarking and web-page annotating tool to collaboratively read several articles on teacher use of technology
-completed a teacher-skills survey on using productivity skills (word processing,etc)
-began the initial work for advanced teacher computing skills using the following rubrics
-each group worked on a section revising and providing the relevant NETS•T (National Educational Technology Standards and Performance indicators for Teachers)
  1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
  2. Design and Develop Digial-Age Learning Experiences and Assessment
  3. Model Digital-Age Work and Learning
  4. Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
  5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership
-these skills will be revised and refined during the 2009 - 2010 school year

Online Workshops/Presentations

Online meetings were open to teachers across the school division. Posters and information was sent to administrators and iSITS members to disperse. The majority of these meeting were held in the virtual classroom environment,WizIQ.
  1. Quest Atlantis: a virtual learning world for grades 4 - 7 - Glynis Martin
  2. Using online tools to teach Sr. High Math -Darren Kuropatwa
  3. GPS in Education by Kyle Lichtenwald GeoCaching with Kyle Wiki
  4. CPT (Computer Production Technology) - a discussion about the curriculum, hardware and software with Reg Nakoneshny

Workshops, presentations and training sessionsexternal image 3354535885_9a0cfb305b.jpg

Several optional workshops were held over the course of the school year and teachers were invited to participate - iSITS members were often involved in the workshops and in the preparation for the workshop - e.g. they helped primary teaches in their schools set up blogs for the Kathy Cassidy workshop and continued to provide support as teachers and students worked on their online writing.
  1. Quest Atlantis - Teachers and students attended this workshop and learned together.
  2. Smartboard workshops
  3. School Web Site - Drupal workshops (iSITS, Administrators and School Secretaries)
  4. Primary Preoccupation - Technology in the Primary Grades with Kathy Cassidy
  5. Network Administration/Content Filter Management with Michael Blair
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