Major School Blog and Wiki Workshop

What is blogging?
  • Reflection
  • Communication
  • Conversation

Blogging Protocols (Rubric )
  • link back to post that you read, summarize and quote
  • accurately summarize what you have read
  • provide a personal reflection or connection to what you have read

Blogging Responsibly

Where to blog?
NOTE: set your discussion options so that you control the comments that come to your blog.

Fun Stuff for your blog

external image anmc6960453ca6cc6bf.gifImage Chef
Rock You Slide Shows
Image generator (clapper board, ninja text, etc)
Flicker Spell (spell your name.... or anything in Flickr pictures)
Which superhero are you? (Take the quiz and post the picture and results on your blog)
Celebrity look-a-like (upload a photo and find out which celebrity you look like)

The Serious Stuff: What to blog about?
Online safety
  1. Search for and find at least 4 sources of information online safety, bullying and privacy issues . This blog post from Classroom Tech Tips is a place to start. Look for other blogs, photos (Flickr), videos (TeacherTube) and podcasts and websites.
  2. Respond to at least one of the sources that you have found: remember, summarize, attribute the source and make a personal connection.
  3. Comment on 2 - 3 of your classmates blog posts.
  4. Reply to their comments


What is a wiki?
  • a web page that anyone can edit
  • a way to work collaboratively
  • the most well-known wiki is.... ?

What is the difference between a blog and wiki?
  • Usually single author
  • Reverse chronological structure
  • Usually personal
  • External links
  • Usually many authors
  • Structure determined by content and users
  • Usually objective
  • Internal and external links
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