Group 1: Kirby, Audrey, Sherron, Greg

As we see the results of studies, it can effect how we actually respond. Societal values supercede obligations outside of set rules.

True change requires a change of culture more than set rules. Global community is seen differently which can effect things such as the views of privacy, etc.

Content is far less important than the ability and process of learning itself. It's not so much what you learn by an awareness that we can learn and apply new things.

Change is coming, resistance if futile, but questioning and understanding the benefits and consequences of that change are vital.

Analyzing change is what we need to encourage.

In the second video the idea that community and the work of many can often go beyond the ideas and dreams of one or two people. There is an energy and encouragement from others that becomes contagious.

Applying concepts even at a lower level is still applying concepts that may lead to a higher level of understanding