We want to develop a plan for the students to become civic rather than communal. Be generous not simply entertainment value. There needs to be a social curriculum with computers: Internet Safety and beyond.

It is rather overwhelming. Need more education. Lifelong learning.
You can't know everything and the students will pick it up quickly and be able to teach each other. The teacher is a guide on the side sharing the "ways" to do things with safety and kindness following a digital continum not being an expert on every application.

Take the creating and sharing and transfer it to using computers. Should Facebook be allowed at school? Is there a way to use it effectively? Talking about social responsibility just as much as teaching how to do something.

Computers may have been seen as just a source of information but is so much more.

Digital footprints - everyone has them and teachers need to show students what they should be putting out there and what is inappropriate. Personality comes through on Social Networking sites. Voices in writing are so important as communication is just words, there are no personal intonations in text messages, e-mails, etc.