It will require a lot of teacher learning to teach these skills.

Teachers have to take a step back and let the students be teachers too; the teacher doesn't have to be the expert.

How do you include their learning our teaching.

In the work world they will have more knowledge than their bosses.

Some skills are generic: be on time, work well with others, try hard.

Do people feel they need to work as hard when there is no loyalty to an employer?

The real world may not meet their sense of entitlement.

Implications for a multi generational work place.

What is it that they are really learning, a lot of this stuff is crap. What's the content?

Poorer families, digital divide. Giveaway computers are used for games. What's the learning?

Studentswould rather do fun stuff than hard learning.

It starts with games. We all learn from the internet.

We have home logic, access for parents to all their children's marks. Does it change how we communicate with parents?

We can't deal with wait time? What happened to talking? Face to face communication is replaced by texting, twittering. Does it change the way we interact?