Digital Fluency

Links for the day...

Critical Search Skills Students Should Know (article)


The IT Crowd -- The Internet (Funny video Clip 3:00 min)
The IT Crowd -- Jen Brings the Internet to the Shareholders Meeting (Funny Video Clip 3:03 Min)

Search and Curation

Content Curation Primary (blog post)
Diigo (online social bookmarking tool)
Eli Pariser: Beware Online Filter Bubbles
Britannica App
Guide to Web Search (series of articles)
SweetSearch (a search engine for students)
Better Searches Better Results (poster)
Your School Library's Website
Access My Library App
List of Twitter Chats

Website Evaluation

All About Explorers (Elementary)
Victorian Robots (Middle Years)
History of the Shuar (High School)

Documenting and Citing Information


Sharing Informaiton

Weebly (Website creation)

Word Processing

Jan's Computer Lesson and Tutorials