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Table Sharing – coolest thing that has happened with instructional technology in your school so far this year. Report back to the large group. What are the trends?

Blended Learning


  1. View An Introduction to Blended Learningand (MOOC - Khan Academy)
  2. Read the differences between classroom learning, blended learning and elearning to meet specific goals (communication, collaboration and demonstration of learning). Also...an overview of definition and models
At your table use the Visible Thinking Strategy Connect, Extend, Challenge to respond to the selection. Share at your table. Please choose a recorder and reporter to share your ideas with the larger group.
  • Connect - How are the ideas and information presented connected to what you already know? (Eg. SAMR Model)
  • Extend - What new ideas did you get that extended or broadened your thinking in new directions?
  • What challenges or puzzles have come up in your mind with the new ideas and information presented?
Benefits of Blended Learning
The Basics of Blended Learning (EL: Educational Leadership)
Is it really "Blended Learning" or is it just "Learning"? (George Couros)
Myth: Blended Learning is the Next Ed-Tech Revolution (also published in the Washington Post titled, Blended Learning, the new great thing or the new Great Hype

Scenario: The Director of Education is in your school and asks "tell me what blended learning looks like in your school?"

  • Share your response with your table mates.

Lunch - Lasagna and salad

Social Media Challenge

Based on the Social Media Challenged created by @ToscaKilloran via SuperKimbo on Flickr

There are a number of challenges placed on your table. You can work alone or in teams. When you are satisfied that you have completed each step of the task and understand how the social media tool works and the potential for its use in your classroom or school add the 'badge' to your name on the LSKYSD badges page

Digital Citizenship

Why young people are leaving social networks? – Learning
Teens migrating from Facebook to comments section of slow motion deer video.

SnapChat - "an ephemeral space in a time when everything is recorded" Alec Couros

Why many kids are leaving social networks (article)
Snap the Resistance (Podcast from 2 SK administrators: Snapchat conversation starts at 12:30)
Snap-Diddley-Chit-Chatter-Chat - (blog post with link to article My little sister taught me to snapchat like the teens)
Why kids love Snapchat and why you should let them

Table Discussion - is this your observation? Is it a problem? How does this impact school-based digital citizenship programs?


Tech Learning: Video Conferencing with Ryan Kobelsky