November 25, 2014


9:00 - Set-up, Welcome, Greetings, introduce the Green Screen Activity, (pairs)
Jim Shevchuk's Words and Greetings:

Green Screen PhotoBooth Activity
Do Ink Green Screen Basics
MorgueFile - a great place for creative commons photos
Photos for Class - these photos contain the citation

9:15 - Sharing

Bring it Together (#bit14) Conference Report

WordPress Website - Ryan & Chase

9:45 - The Debaters - Phones, Tables and Missing Skills: A Debate

BIRT: schools should invest in technologies that enable students to participate on the open web rather than in the closed space of an app.

Phones, Tables and Missing Skills by Clarence Fisher
Are Tablets Better Than Laptops for 1:1? (ISTE - Counterpoint)

  • Read the articles individually
  • Divide into four teams (2 Affirmative and 2 Negative - four corners of the room.)
  • Determine your arguments (need for change and a plan) - as per the outline provide
  • Choose your speakers - 2/team
  • Debate!

10:30 Break

10:45 - Google Apps for Education (GAfE)
  • Presentation Notes
  • Google Folder Link
  • Lane's presentation notes
  • Items that Lane has added to his Google 'tool kit'
    • Google Classroom
    • Google Drawing - create shapes and diagrams (useful in docs)
    • Kaizena - Audio Feedback in Docs
    • Save to Google Drive - Saves the web page into Google Drive
    • Goo .gl - creates short url links to websites
    • Adblock - stops adds in youtube
    • Nitro Type - a fun typing game where students upgrade cars as they pass levels for typing words quickly
    • Powtoon - presentation software
    • Flubaroo - add on in Google Sheets auto corrects quizzes
    • Snapverter - convert files to pdfs
    • Lucid Diagram/Chart - Create webs etc.
    • Read and Write for Google - Accessibility features plus so much more
Time to play, experiment and explore - e.g. set up a Google Classroom

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Continuation of GAfE - with IT department to answer and respond to questions

1:30 - IT Update (Ryan)

2:30 - Green Screen Activity