iSITS Agenda

Dec 1, 2015

Welcome & Greetings from Jim
  • Feedback from the Staff Presentations about the Living Sky Computer Manual

Needs Assessment Review – Jim, Jason, Donna

November 23 Technology-based PD

AntiBullying Forum - Donna

Table Sharing – what is happening in your school


ICS Department – Jason

Welcome Mike Strendin as a new Technical Analyst. He will succeed Methodius but in a different capacity.

Mike has a background in frontline support (Finance, Telco, and Real Estate) as well website development and maintenance. He will become the primary contact for four schools as well as the project work.

With this, I’m looking to shuffle the primary technical contact for the schools. With Mike taking on a few schools, Mark Louko, Craig, and Kelsey should have more time to support schools and work on some new projects.

Other Notes:
  • Helpdesk time to repair is down. 48h MTR, with 66% of issues resolved under that time.
  • Schools are asking about SmartBoard alternatives. Ipevo and Mimio are the most common. We’ve ordered one of each and have a more detailed report on the options in the New Year.
  • Windows 10/Office 2016 testing is going well. We will be asking for volunteers for the next phase of testing in the New Year.
    • Login times are noticeably faster
    • Hoping to provide easier options for reimaging
  • Schoollogic issues
  • Synrevoice rollout is mostly complete, AESOP rollout progressing
    • Automation components behind schedule
  • Video conferencing units are slowly being rolled out. This will be a good first project for Mike.
  • We were cited by the auditor for lack of a password policy. Research is ongoing but something will be in place for the new school year.
  • We are being told to prepare for another budget cut this year. Potential issues:
    • Dell 5520 are 5 years old
    • Dell Vostros are 4 years old
    • Dell Optiplex Desktops
    • iPad 2s are showing wear

School Websites – Jason and Donna

Table Talk: What should a school website be in a social media world? What is the most effective form of communication with parents and teachers? What is the most effective way of communicating/sharing with community, prospective teachers and the world?

What are the key elements that should be on every school website? Individual, pair, table, large group – sticky notes.

Report Back:

Future directions: Sharepoint

Tinkering and Learning – Sherron
@therealgaryball's blog was mentioned during our conversations about tinkering.
a) 21st C competencies:
  • Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Character & ethical citizenship
  • Computer & digital fluency
see pages 10-12 of //Shifting Minds 2012// (revised) for a full explanation of each of the 7Cs.

b) 13 Most Innovative Schools around the world

c) 3 Rules to guide our process:**
  • Curiosity comes first
  • Embrace the mess
  • Practice reflection
Video: Three Rules to Spark Learning (6:29)

d) Defining a Tinker Lab (Google Form)

e) Inspiring examples:
Real world applications with authentic questions, challenges and authentic tasks
Fridge without electricity

Canadian students have invented a fridge that runs without electricity.

Posted by Tech Insider on Saturday, November 21, 2015

f) STF Tinker Make and Learn Station Cards (UCHS)

g) Gary Ball's Blog

Tinkering Tools available from the division office:

Sphero 2.0 (great for coding)

Arduino Starter Kit

Kidder EngBoxes
  • Pulleys & Gears
  • Wheels
  • Electricity

Snap Circuits: Light

  • Gizmos & Gadgets


Raspberry Pi (donation by Mark Strendin)
Starter Kit from