iSITS Meeting

October 1, 2013

9:00 Welcome and Greetings from Jim

9:15 Intro to the working portion of the meeting

Four Major Tasks for the School Division - these tasks will be completed in the assigned groups.

  1. Review the Digital Citizenship Agenda (20 minutes)
    1. Discuss the big ideas and trends within the document - note ideas for changes/additions/deletions
    2. Read through the document and note outdated items, new ideas, technology, concepts that should be added
    3. Note outdated terminology
    4. Note grade level changes
    5. Note teacher and parent sections - any changes e.g. monitoring use of technology
  2. Review the AUP (20 minutes)
    1. Comment on name change
    2. Discuss the big ideas and trends within the document - note suggestions for changes/additions/deletions
    3. Anything not relevant?
    4. Anything missing?
    5. Comment on one document for all stakeholders
    6. Discuss and note changes in process for handling infractions - is it clear?
  3. Review the Digital Fluency Rubric (20 minutes)
    1. Discussion - based on what you know about what is happening in your school would agree with the trend that is shared in this articleand with this comment on the article "It's like we have all these tools and are using them like if we bought a car to listen to the stereo in the driveway. - Sean Wheeler"
    2. Note any - comments, suggestions, missing elements, deletions?
    3. Note any - Implementation issues
    4. Note any - Implementation timeline suggestion?
  4. Review the Word Processing Skill Set (10 minutes)
    1. Suggestions for changes, additions, deletions.


Digital Citizenship Continuum

10:35 - Refreshments

10:45 - Why be connected? Presentation and Discussion

Making our learning visible - a blog from the Curriculum and Instruction Team
LSKY Yammer

Task: Make your learning visible. Join twitter (you may need to create a 'professional account' if you don't want to use your personal account). Send one educational tweet with a link, or a comment about something that happened in your classroom or something you have recently learned. Use the hashtag #lskysd

12:00 - Lunch

12:45 - Presentation by Jason Caswell
  1. Microsoft Office 365
  2. Division-based monitoring tools

1:45 - Sharing by Donna
  1. Fall Newsletter - on your tables
  2. ExpertSpace Demonstration
    1. Create your profile here
    2. Login anytime, anywhere from here -

2:00 - Group Sharing - highlight cool things that you have discovered or tried
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2:45 - Debriefing