In-School Instructional Technology Support Teachers

March 11, 2008
NBCHS Lecture Theatre

9:00 - Sharing
Visit, share, discuss and record - capture at least one great idea from each person in your group
  • Your blog posts/photos
  • Great blogs you read
  • Professional development activities
  • New tools used - how and why
  • Discovery Video

Discussion Group 1 | Discussion Group 2 | Discussion Group 3 | Discussion Group 4 | Discussion Group 5 | Discussion Group 6

9:30 - Creating a Network

10:30 Information Literacy

Did You Know?

A Vision of K - 12 Students Today

What is information literacy? - At your table distribute the reading below and craft a definition of information literacy at your table add the definition to your table's wiki discussion page.

The Definition

Students will use engaging technologies in collaborative, inquiry-based learning environments with teachers who are willing and able to use technology’s power to assist them in transforming knowledge and skills into products, solutions, and new information.

What needs to change?
Re/Search Re/Mixed

Inquiry-based Learning

Task 2

  1. Discuss, debate and come to a consensus on four 'strands' that you feel must be included in any Information literacy curriculum. List them on your discussion page and be prepared to defend them. The strands must be applicable to all grades and all subject areas.
  2. Large group discussion

How does an information and technology curriculum stay relevant and meaningful in the 21st Century?

Task 3

An Information Literacy Curriculum
  • Within your discussion groups review the document - revise, add and delete. Present to large group

Task 4
Best practice

My activities until the end of the year