Living Sky School Division
One-to-One Implementation
2010 - 2011


Reminders/review of the ideas from the first meeting:
  • Introduction to the Netbooks - Teaching with Netbooks

The Learning Focus
  • Social Media: connection, conversation, collaboration
  • Management
  • Action Research


Review of apps on the desktop - what a Netbook is not.

Today's Learning
Task 1 - Read and Question
A Framework for 1 - to - 1 Success: EPC (pages 19-20)

View the chart on page 38

Read - page 65 (at least one person at the table read one of the following)
What 1-to-1 Can Mean for Students
What 1-to-1 Can Mean for Teachers
What 1-to-1 Can Mean for Schools

Jot questions, thoughts and ideas on your word processing program.

Task 2 - Watch and Reflect - where are you at?
3 Phases of Educational Technology

Task 3 - Complete the Question Matrix

Task 4 - As a table group read and summarize the big ideas that pop out when reading the questions: Post them on a sticky on the Big Ideas Wall

Learning Task for the next meeting:
Participate in the Vision Discussion - Why, what is the purpose of a one-to-one program at Major School?